Vizioz has its own in house design team that can take your brief and design your website to be visually and functionally exactly as you need. Of course you may have your own designer and if so they will appreciate the benefits that Umbraco affords the designer.

With Umbraco there's finally a CMS that gives you complete control over the markup, with no limits to your design. That's why designers love umbraco.

With a strong focus on web-standards and with a completely open templating system, umbraco provides a strong foundation for designing your website just the way you want.

With umbraco you can forget about skinning headaches. We think a CMS should adjust to the designer, not the other way around. That's why you can use whatever ajax, flash or any other web technology in your design. You'll never worry that umbraco will interfere with or modify your markup, because it won't. What you design is what you get.

Umbraco also lets you add design guidelines for your editors to follow. We believe that editors should focus on the copy writing, not the design. You specify which css rules editors should use in the built-in wysiwyg editor, giving them user-friendly names like "Headline" or "pull quote" or "Paragraph Text". No arbitrary selection of fonts, sizes or background colors that might destroy your carefully crafted design.

We call it complete design freedom for people who understand design - why should it be any different?