A customizable colour palette picker for Umbraco

Palette Picker

A customizable colour palette picker for Umbraco

Colour palettes can be created online using the Paletton.com website, we are hoping to support more palette creating websites in the near future if there is interest from the Umbraco community. 

Palette picker makes it really simple for editors to change the colours displayed. Only minimum configuration by a developer is required to set up the available colour palettes for use on your website.

Palette Picker comes in two versions, compatible with the two major Umbraco versions that most people currently use, V7 and V8.

Palette Picker Main Features

Palette Picker is a simple to use, straightforward package for both editors and developers.


Configurable Data Type

The palette picker data type can be configured with predefined colour palettes, allowing total control over the editor options.

  • Multiple colour palettes
  • Colours can be imported in XML format

Colour Visualization

Editors can pick a colour palette on the content nodes which will change the color styles of the page accordingly.

  • Available as a content property
  • Intuitive picker
  • Renders the approppraite CSS rules for the colours to take effect

Simple API

Palette Picker comes with a simple API

  • Works as extension methods
  • Works with Models Builder and IPublishedContent
  • CSS rendering
  • Accessible colour information and methods

Palette Picker in action