Pharma Trials

A leading Pharmaceutical company needed a secure study portal created to help in the clinical trials phase of new drugs.


Clinical trials site


.net, Umbraco, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, Design, CSS, Deployment


Secure Drug Study Portal


2 months


The client needed a site built to support the clinical trials stage of new drugs. This needed to allow various different stake holders the ability to log in and share information related to the trial in a secure environment.

The platform also needed to support sending email campaigns to the entire user list on a regular basis to allow the client to alert the user base of news, documents or additional site features.


An Umbraco based site was developed with custom functionality to allow the import and export of various client data and user information.

Daily data feeds were pulled from secure FTP sites to provide up to date statistical data to the end users.

A custom emailing application was written to allow the client to send thousands of emails per minute to their large private user base.


The ability to easily update the site's content has allowed the client to quickly distribute new drug study information that traditionally had to be sent via secure postal services at great expense.

The automated data retrival has allowed the end users access to up to date reporting information that traditionally would have been sent out on a weekly basis, again via the postal system.

The cost saving from both time and postage alone will have more than paid for the development of this site.