FlowCentric in the UK needed a new website that they could update with information relevant to their local market. They choose Vizioz to build a website based on the Umbraco CMS which gave them the flexibility the needed.


Marketing website for FlowCentric


.net, Umbraco, Design, CSS


Umbraco CMS website


8 weeks


FlowCentric had definite ideas as to how they would like their new website to be structured and built. Their main problem was that they were unable to update information on their global site, which meant that it was not relevant to the local UK market.

The site needed to be launched on a new domain that allowed FlowCentric in the UK to have their own online presence.


The new FlowCentric site was built using the Umbraco CMS platform. The site was built using three levels, the first level of navigation across the top of the site and levels two and three on the left hand side of the screen.

As FlowCentric add new content in the backend of their Umbraco installation they are guided by the structure which will only allow them to add the appropriate content in each section of the website.


The benefits FlowCentic have found from using the Umbraco CMS platform are that it is quick and easy for them to keep their website up to date.

Since launch they have already changed the content multiple times on the homepage and across various areas of the website.

The advantage of the structured templates throughout the site ensure that the content is consistently presented and a uniform look and feel is applied to all the FlowCentric website content.