Residential Care Homes website launched based on the Umbraco CMS

This week we have launched a new website for a local company called Ascot Residential Homes. They run two homes for the elderly and for those who suffer with dementia. Before we built the site for Ascot Residential Homes they asked us to visit the homes to get a feeling about how special they are. If you are looking for a home for an elderly relative I would highly recommend having a look at their website and if you are in the area arranging to visit them.

If you look on our site you will also find an Ascot Residential Homes case study in our Umbraco case studies section.


Chris Houston

Chris is the founder of Vizioz and has been working in the field of website development for over 20 years. Chris has been working with Umbraco since 1998 and now spends his time running both Vizioz and QV Offices.

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