Prepare your business for the smartphone society

Prepare your business for the smartphone society

Mobile technology has been changing the way we communicate for years. What was once a convenient communication device, has transformed into an object of necessity. Research by Ofcom reveals that 93% of adults in the UK own a mobile device, and 66% of which have a smartphone. According to Ofcom, smartphones have now become the most popular gadget used for accessing the internet, overtaking laptops and desktops. This March, adult smartphone owners spent an average of 1 hour and 54 minutes online every day using their mobile, which was a great deal more than that spent on laptops (around an hour) and PCs (1 hour and 9 minutes).

These statistics reveal the growing dominance of on-the-go technologies, which are shaping the business landscape. For companies to remain successful they must get on board with the responsive trend. A responsive website not only gives your customers exceptional user-experience, it provides you with a number of other benefits. Still not convinced? Here's why your business needs a responsive website.

It does what it says on the tin

A responsive website does exactly what it says it does, it responds to the size and shape of the device that is being used to access it, and adapts accordingly. A responsive website has the flexibility to adjust to any device. It resizes images, alters page layouts and shifts content. It achieves an aesthetically appealing, simple to use, and easy to navigate website for every user. This feature will improve user-experience and can retain potential customers on your site.

A better experience

User experience is of utmost importance. Happy customers makes for a happy business. A responsive website will make browsing much easier for customers using mobile devices. With so much web traffic being done through smartphones, it really is important to give these users the best experience on your site. If their online experience is good, they will more likely purchase your products and return to your site.

Listen to Google

Google calls all the shots, and since they recommended that businesses should have a responsive website, you ought to do as they say! With a responsive website you will only have one URL, meaning you don't have to go through the effort of creating separate optimization campaigns for the mobile version of your site. It will give you SEO benefits, ranking you higher on the Google search engine. It won't make you a SEO genius, but it will certainly help!

Boost sales and conversion rates

A website that offers customers excellent user-experience from all devices will result in more sales than one that doesn’t. As more people are choosing to browse the web on their smartphones, it's important to keep these customers interested and not deter them from your website. With a responsive site your customers will more likely buy your products using their mobiles.

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