Introducing a new Umbraco datatype for Multi-lingual websites.

Over the last 6 months we have been building various multi-lingual sites for different clients and for some of the clients they have 1 to 1 relationships between some or all of their pages.

Within Umbraco, you can copy a page ( or whole tree of pages ) and keep a relationship between each of the pages and their new copy, this allows content editors to subscribe to change notifications that Umbraco can create if one of the linked pages is changed.

Unfortunately one thing that is missing in Umbraco is any way to see which pages are related to each other and to have a quick and easy way to jump between the related pages.

We created a datatype that solves these problems and thought we would release it as an open source project ( which we are still maintaining )

Currently you can:

1) See current relationships
2) Add relationships
3) Limit the number of relationships that can be added ( by the data type )
4) See the Country flag ( assuming a culture has been set on each of your top level site nodes for each country site )
5) Link between the documents
6) Change or delete the links

An example where multiple languages are allowed:

An example where only 2 languages exist (1 relationship):

You can download the datatype from the Umbraco project page:
Vizioz Relationships for Umbraco

Please do let us know what you think :)


Chris Houston

Chris is the founder of Vizioz and has been working in the field of website development for over 20 years. Chris has been working with Umbraco since 1998 and now spends his time running both Vizioz and QV Offices.

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