Add IntelliSense when using the URL rewritingnet config file

I often use the URL re-writing engine that comes with Umbraco which is from and I have always found it very fiddly to edit the configuration file, I wish I have know it was possible to add Intellisense to Visual Studio, and I guessed that most people would also not realise this, after all, who reads the manual right?!So, if you are someone who edits the urlrewriting.config without Intellisense, but would like to use it, this is how you do it :)1) Download the URL rewriting source code files from
2) Unzip the source files and find the urlwritingnet.xsd file, put this file into your web project, or the directory where your urlredirect.config lives.
3) Open up the web project and then open your config file, and hey presto! You should find you now have intellisense!So, the next question is, are there XSD files for the rest of the Umbraco config files, and more importantly for the Umbraco.xml file? If not, does anyone fancy creating them? I am sure intellisense for all these files would be very helpful :)


Chris Houston

Chris is the founder of Vizioz and has been working in the field of website development for over 20 years. Chris has been working with Umbraco since 1998 and now spends his time running both Vizioz and QV Offices.

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